Kickstarter vs. Fundable: Part 1

On a hot summer day on the beach, my cousin came up with the idea for a new product. It wasn’t a life altering product but it did, after considerable investigation, have the ability to make one part of life a little better. Colder beer.

So we started BottleCamo and after more than a month of research into the various crowdfunding platforms, decided to move forward with Fundable over Kickstarter.  One of the various reasons was after working with the Kickstarter platform, it became very apparent that they were much more interested in supporting ‘creative’ campaigns like movies, books and art projects. I can say this because we were originally declined based on the product already existing, which it clearly doesn’t, so they obviously didn’t even look at the project.

Being that they just declined it, this lead us to believe that they weren’t really interested in product based projects and because they’re doing so well, they are in a position to decline valid potential participants.  This was later confirmed through an industry insider.


Despite the fact that I was able to get Kickstarter to re-open our campaign to re-review, we decided that a more business and product friendly platform would be a better fit. We landed shortly thereafter at Fundable and as of the minute I write this, the campaign has been live for almost exactly 24 hours and we’re a small fraction under 30% to our goal. Pretty happy with that decision!

On a side note, one of the fascinating things that I’ve noticed thus far is that backers are consistently going for larger volume rewards, with particular interest in the ‘limited edition’ products. Over 40% of the backers have opted for special edition rewards, which I would have never guessed.

More to come as the campaign progresses…

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