3 Solutions for Unintended Consequences

There is a major difference between the corporate and the entrepreneurial solution engines. Being that you’re reading this, we can safely assume this isn’t a real shocker. The corporation tends to look at problems and take them to meetings for review, debate, deliberation and analysis, and the entrepreneur takes the problems head on and creates an immediate solution while working to mitigate any potential unintended consequences. It is in fact these unintended consequence that likely created the problem in the first place.

The difficulty with unintended consequences is that they’re well…unintended. So how do you make some sort of valiant attempt to mitigate these unknown risks?

1. Stop and think outside the box.

You have to understand that it’s not the problems that you see that will ruin you, it’s the problems that you don’t. So stop, slow down your mind, and think of every potential negative that could come from the proposed solution and include all involved parties, their families and co-workers, and maybe even pets. They could be effected too. So when I say “stop and think outside the box”, I mean WAY outside the box.

2. Be reasonable.

Most people are reasonable, except of course the raging lunatics on the “OrangeCounty Housewives”, those people are nuts (it’s my wife that watches it, I swear!). Otherwise, put yourself in the shoes of the people who are potentially effected by your solution. Is your solution going to make their lives easier or harder? Is it going to cost them time or money? Then stop and refer back to point number 1 to make sure that you’ve thought of ALL potential consequences for your decision.

3. Remain flexible.

As anyone that has ever written a business plan would agree, the exact second you go to execute, the plan completely changes and your ideas seemingly fly out of the window with your sweet new visor. You have to remain flexible to the fact that there isn’t a playbook and nothing is set in stone. If it can go wrong, it will and you need to be able to adjust to the changed environment.

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