Entrepreneur Logo“A growth in confidence in a person who is experiencing success is a very normal human response. Yet there are significant differences in the ways individuals portray confidence that can have a dramatic and lasting effect on”… read more

Entrepreneur Logo“There are few times inside a business that can be more difficult or unpleasant than firing someone — it’s not fun for either party. However, terminating employment is an important part of success as keeping someone on the team that is not a good fit can be incredibly detrimental for both the company and the individual.”  read more

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Entrepreneur Logo“With globalization and hyper-connectivity, it has become quite easy to outsource most tasks in the early stages of your startup. The problem is, it is difficult to figure out the outsourcing trenches, as not all services…”  read on

Forbes“Why would anyone in their right mind leave the stability of a salary, full benefits, normal hours and maybe even a membership at a gym or the jelly-of-the-month club for the life of an entrepreneur? I’ll tell you why: to make an impact, to do something incredible and to have a chance at creating life-altering…”read more

yfs-logo“There are only a handful of scenarios in the history of the U.S. that truly changed the way capital works: the Great Depression, Savings and Loan Crisis in the ’80s, and the most recent Great Recession, to name a few. The latest financial catastrophe has…” read more

ReadWriteGetting Additional Exposure

“When we used Fundable for crowdfunding, the process came with a PR division that allowed BottleKeeper to gain a pretty incredible amount of exposure. When combined with a solid marketing and launch plan, it’s really the…” read more